About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to make learning simple for youth and young adults by providing them with a unique bite size learning experience.

2 Minute Teachables creates a truly unique personalized learning experience. Fueled by curiosity, we empower the next generation of doers to see the world differently. We create learning adventures that awaken curiosity, spark creativity, and inspire exploration. Learning is delivered with authenticity and empathy.


Our Vision

Our vision to promote lifelong learning — to put the power of education in everyone’s hands, instilling a love for learning for generations of learners. We’re here to challenge the way learning is conducted and how people learn. We want to provide an engaging experience for all ages, encouraging people to learn about new topics and hone their skills or interests through our learning framework.


Cydney Hill

Highly passionate and goal-driven, Cydney is a spearheading STEAM Professional and social entrepreneur. Cydney received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at the University of Michigan and received her Master of Education in Learning, Technology and Design at Wayne State University. She has a true ardency for her career, values integrity and authenticity. She  demonstrates her dedication through her qualified, empathetic services at 2 Minute Teachables. She is dedicated to transforming the education industry to be effective for today’s learners.

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